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Background dealmaking between sports betting applicants underway as launch nears in Massachusetts

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Companies in Massachusetts's new sports betting market are already looking for deals and partnerships with each other, according to new documents regulators gave to MassLive and interviews with key stakeholders. Sports betting is set to start in the state early next year.

There aren't a lot of public details yet, but surveys that people who want to bet on sports had to send to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission last month as part of the application process and conversations with industry experts are showing a few signs of possible partnerships.

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Gary Robinson
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If these partnerships are not done in the next month or two, then getting sportsbooks to go live there by Super Bowl is going to be a long stretch

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There's a Monday deadline to submit applications if you want to be a sportsbook operator. I just do not know how it will progress from there. But surely 30 applications should not take too long.

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