Luis Suarez of Atletico Madrid Sayas Barcelona Underestimated Him

Luis Suarez of Atletico Madrid Says Barcelona Underestimated Him

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Last updated on May 23rd, 2021 at 09:42 am

In the latest sports news, Luis Suarez, a former Barcelona player who is now in Atletico Madrid, finally speaks up and talks about leaving Barcelona. Suarez recently won La Liga under the flag of Atletico Madrid. This is just 8 months after walking out of Camp Nou. Suarez won the winning goal last Saturday when Madrid faced Valladolid at 2-1.

Suarez says that his move from the clubs was difficult for him. Those who love soccer and those who bet on soccer at the best sportsbook pay per head all wondered about Suarez leaving. Suarez has always been a reliable and stable player for the club.

Luis Suarez Speaks Up

Luis Suarez of Atletico Madrid Sayas Barcelona Underestimated HimSuarez believes that Atletico Madrid helped him believe that he is still valid and that he will always be grateful to Madrid for trusting him. Out of all if his years in soccer, he believes that this was the toughest year not just for him, but for his family as well. But despite this challenge, Suarez still performed amazingly this season. The 34-year-old player has 21 league goals for Madrid. This is the first title that the club has had in 7 years.

Suarez believes that Atletico has had a great year, and that their consistency and skill are proven by their winning the championship this season. This is Suarez’s 5th league title. His first 4 has been with Barcelona. Suarez says that his 5th win a bit different than the others. He also says that his statistics speaks for himself. He has 5 out of 7 league titles, and that is Luis Suarez. If you are in the sports betting industry and interested in soccer betting, you can easily start your bookie website and offer lines on soccer games from tournaments around the world.

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