Pay Per Head Update on North Dakota Sports Betting

Pay Per Head Update on North Dakota Sports Betting

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Last updated on November 26th, 2021 at 06:55 am

The Legislature considered North Dakota sports betting bills during the 2019 and 2021 sessions. However, both bills failed to pass. The good news is that residents can start betting on sports at the Dakota Magic Casino.

The Dakota Nation Gaming Enterprise operates the casino. It plans to open the sportsbook as early as December 1. First, however, it depends on regulatory approval. According to pay per head bookie reports, the tribe decided to add sports betting after the Supreme Court overruled the federal ban on the activity.

Since the 2018 Supreme Court Decision, tribal casinos and states have intensified efforts to legalize sports betting. At present, legal sports betting is available in 29 states, whether it is at tribal casinos or statewide.

North Dakota Sports Betting

Pay Per Head Update on North Dakota Sports BettingAfter the Supreme Court ruling in 2018, Dakota Magic tried to learn how to open a sportsbook. Also, sports betting is part of the state and the tribal nation’s gaming compact. It led to the establishment of the Dakota Nation Sportsbook.

The Dakota Magic sportsbook will have leather seats, large monitors, drinks, a limited menu, and a wall-to-wall screen. The casino hopes to open the sportsbook in time for the NFL Super Bowl. Also, players will wager via kiosks or a clerk within the lounge.

The Dakota Nation Sportsbook will also be available in Dakota Sioux and Dakota Connection. Both facilities are in South Dakota. Also, the state’s Commission on Gaming approved sports betting last May.

Players can bet on professional and college games. As a result, fans can wager on the University of North Dakota and North Dakota State games. Also, the tribe employed the services of IGT PlaySports to generate odds for the sportsbook.

Sports betting success in the Legislature is slim. It faces opposition from critics and tribal governments. The latter doesn’t want sports betting to expand outside of their casinos.

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