Bookie Report on the Browns QB Deshaun Watson’s Suspension

Bookie Report on the Browns QB Deshaun Watson’s Suspension

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The National Football League and the NFL Players Association agreed to suspend Deshaun Watson for eleven regular season games without pay. According to a bookie report on the Browns QB, the league will fine him $5 million.

The decision came after more than two dozen women accused Watson of sexual misconduct. According to the agreement, the quarterback will go through a treatment program by behavioral experts.

Bookie pay per head experts learned that Watson is still denying the allegations. The quarterback said that the settlements don’t prove that he is guilty. In addition, Watson said he’s moving forward as an individual.

Bookie Report on the Browns QB

Bookie Report on the Browns QB Deshaun Watson’s SuspensionVarious individuals filed twenty-four civil lawsuits against Watson. However, he settled 23 lawsuits in private. In addition, two grand juries didn’t want to charge Watson. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Watson’s behavior was predatory and egregious. The quarterback violated the league’s policy during private meetings with massage therapists.

Browns co-owner Susan Haslam promised to invest $1 million to educate the youth on sexual misconduct awareness. But on the other hand, the co-owner and Susan’s husband, Jimmy Haslam, said that Watson deserves a second chance.

The NFL wanted to appeal former federal judge Sue Robinson’s decision to suspend Watson for six games without pay when he was still with the Texans. However, the league changed its position and wants to suspend Watson for the entire year. Robinson factored in Watson’s lack of remorse when she gave out her decision.

Watson didn’t play last season with the Texans. On the other hand, he played in Cleveland’s first game in the preseason last week.

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