Butt Punt Led to Coach Rage in Bills vs. Dolphins Game

Butt Punt Led to Coach Rage in Bills vs. Dolphins Game

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The NFL Sunday game between Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins had a bizarre ending. Even seasoned analysts had a hard time understanding what happened in the final two minutes of the game that resulted from the butt punt.

The Bills trailed the Dolphins 21-17 in the last ten minutes of the game. QB Josh Allen tried to lead the team down the field and score the winning touchdown while draining the clock. Thus, eight minutes and 18 plays later, Buffalo found themselves at the one-yard line of the Dolphins. However, they failed to complete a fourth-down pass attempt. Many football betting fans thought Miami had the game in the bag.

Unfortunately, football gods had other plans. Miami failed to advance the ball in three plays and had to punt at a short distance. That’s when the infamous butt punt unfolded.

Dolphins’ Butt Punt

Butt Punt Led to Coach Rage in Bills vs. Dolphins GamePunter Thomas Morstead had one job: to get the punt off. However, his punt hit the back side of his blocker, sending the ball into the air. It landed behind the end zone for safety. The unlucky punt went viral as it spread rapidly online.

People who bet on football already saw the infamous punt at various angles and speeds. Eli and Peyton Manning even broke down the play during Monday Night Football.

After the infamous punt, Buffalo reduced the lead to 21-19. They could win the game with a field goal. Allen led the team down to the 43-yard line. However, they received a holding penalty that sent the team back to the 47-yard line.

With 18 seconds to go, Allen failed to complete his pass to Isaiah McKenzie, and the Bills lost the game. But, according to football news reports, Buffalo had the victory, and they threw it away.

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