Messi is Yet to Have His First MLS Match

Messi is Yet to Have His First MLS Match on August 26

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If you are keeping track of the latest sports news in your pay per head blog, you are most likely to see a lot of updates on Lionel Messi. The Argentinian superstar, who has been playing in European soccer, is now in US soil. He now wears pink, representing Inter Miami FC. Messi, along with fellow new players, have been instrumental in bringing new life into the club, and have been successful in the Leagues Cup. With all the excitement, we are forgetting that it is not even the main event yet, as Messi is yet to have his first MLS match later this month.

The Leagues Cup will still be familiar to bookies, as you can see lines on this tournament being offered in your Bookie PPH software. It is a tournament where teams from the MLS (USA), and from Liga MX (Mexico) compete. This is only the third year of the Leagues Cup. Inter Miami will now be moving further into the tournament, thanks in part to Messi and the seven goals he has scored so far.


Messi is Yet to Have His First MLS Match

Messi is Yet to Have His First MLS MatchBut a lot of soccer fans want to see the new Inter Miami CF play against fellow MLS teams. A lot of bettors will also be looking at your sportsbook for the odds on his first ever appearance in the MLS season. If you need help managing your soccer betting odds, these pay per head reviews can help you find the best sportsbook software to use.

Initially, Messi’s debut in the MLS is supposed to be on August 20, in a match against Charlotte FC. However, both clubs will be facing each other in the Leagues Cup this weekend, and the match has been postponed. Instead, the first match that Inter Miami will be having in the MLS will be on August 26, Saturday, against the New York Red Bulls.

This is, however, mostly still speculation, as the schedule of the club is quite hectic. And as amazing as Messi is, one cannot expect him to play three matches over seven days. They may decide to let him rest between Leagues Cup matches before joining MLS matches. If that is the case, then his debut will be on August 30, against Nashville. In any case, there are still a lot of betting options should you want to earn money from soccer betting.


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