Flutter Rebrands PokerStars VR as Vegas Infinite

Flutter Rebrands PokerStars VR as Vegas Infinite

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Flutter Entertainment announced that it rebranded PokerStars VR as Vegas Infinite. According to the company, Vegas Infinite is more than poker and VR. Also, the rebranding is part of Flutter’s comprehensive overhaul of the social casino.

Vegas Infinite is the next phase of PokerStars VR’s evolution. According to bookie pay per head sources, the company wants it to become the go-to virtual entertainment destination.

The rebranded game will leverage the success of the previous version. It has set several trends in the last five years. In 2018, PokerStars VR launched and attracted the attention of Flutter. The latter acquired the brand in 2021 and helped boost its business.

Rebranding PokerStars VR as Vegas Infinite

Flutter Rebrands PokerStars VR as Vegas InfiniteFlutter is rebranding PokerStars VR as part of its initiative to innovate and diversify its product offerings. The VR game offers a way to enjoy a 3D virtual environment while playing casino games.

Gambling news reports show players can explore a virtual city and visit personal suites and virtual casinos. Also, they can climb up to a rooftop to view the virtual city.

In addition, players can enjoy various virtual activities and emotes. The game is available on Meta Quest VR and Steam VR. Also, it does not require a VR headset to play. In the future, people will learn how to become a bookie using VR technology.

Poker players can enjoy MMTs, Metaverse Poker Tour, and Spin and Go Poker tournaments. Additionally, Flutter ensures the safety of its players. It uses ToxMod, a tool that prevents toxicity in live chat. Also, players have access to various tools that can limit their playtime.

PokerStars Director of VR and Innovation James O’Reilly was amazed at how far the game has come. Five years ago, they added virtual reality to a poker table. At present, players can play other casino games within the VR platform. As a result, their player base has grown since then. It became a destination where players find exciting gaming experiences.

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