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Philippine Casino Industry Threatened by Illegal Online Gambling

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An investor in one of the four operational integrated casino resorts in the Philippines has voiced concerns about the proliferation of localized online gambling sites in the past year, suggesting that the government should investigate these sites more thoroughly.

Money is going to illegal sites instead of legal gambling apps.

Sharing what I know about the bookie industry.

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Well this is the case in almost every gambling market. Regulation means limits on gambling, and sometimes offshore providers are the only ones who can deliver what bettors need. Maybe they should look into that.

Of course, I'm not even talking about the very expensive licensing fees for operators- mostly large companies can afford them, but independent operators have a hard time competing.

Aside from running my own online sportsbook, I do enjoy traveling since my bookie pay per head solutions is helping me get my work done easily.

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I tried reading up on sports betting and online gambling there and apparently there's mixed information on the matter. I mean the law is pretty specific but implementation seemed to get all irregular a few years ago. I hope they can recover from that because they can potentially lose a strong market for gaming, even from the tourist sector.


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