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Playtech Partners with Veikkaus to Improve Live Casino Experience in Finland

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After a stringent public bidding procedure for live casino games, the Finnish state-owned monopoly operator Veikkaus picked Playtech as their partner. This is a noteworthy accomplishment for Playtech. With an initial period of six years and the possibility of extension, the deal marks a significant step forward in their partnership, expanding into the thrilling world of live casino games.

It is a win for players in Finland. However, it would be better if the country opens up its gambling market to other operators. 

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True, while exclusivity gives them a good profit margin, it hinders innovation due to lack of competition. Or, as an alternative, if locals cant find it with them, they will go elsewhere - and there are a lot of options online.

I appreciate all of the help I can get as I work my way to run a long-term and successful business. From the day that I learned how to open a sportsbook to now, there is definitely a lot I now know from experience. It does not mean I will stop learning, though.


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