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North Carolina Approves Sportsbook Licenses

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Gary Robinson
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North Carolina has recently approved new licenses to eight sports betting operators. Sports betting goes live on March 11 and residents will also be able to pre register now. Looks like things are on track for the March 11 launch!

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Andie Edwards
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That's a good timeline- we're headed toward division finals and March Madness. They timed it well!

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A regulator said the launch was a positive one. Also, the handle is good since the launch.

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They were lucky they launched in March. Bettors at least have it easy now when they want to bet on March Madness, plus the MLB as well.

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with all of the upsets that took place in the first and second round of the tournament, I wonder if the bettors are still happy about all of these companies opening a sportsbook in NC


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