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Last updated on May 18th, 2021 at 01:46 pm

As with any online bookie software, it always helps to have someone to check out the service and see if their sportsbook software is as good as advertised. It also helps to have experts review, as we can easily compare the quality among all of the software we have seen and tried. Today, we are bringing you our sports betting software review. is one of the most established sports betting software companies in the market. They specialize in the development of customized apps based on their clients’ preferences and platforms. started out over 10 years ago as a sports betting software development company. Eventually, they also expanded to cover other gambling software, but we will be focusing on their sports betting software. They offer secure software backed by a reliable developer company. But still, looking for the best sports betting software is not just about security. Its about quality as well. We’re taking a look at the products that they have, and if their services are diverse and worth their cost.

The first thing to note here is that they do not come cheap. The rates will mostly depend on what you will need, but since we know that pay per head software exists, we know the price difference. The thing is, with a bookie pay per head, you will get all of the bookie features and tools that any sports betting software provider can give. The only difference, perhaps, lies in further customization of your site. Again, if its just the ability to customize the site, the you may find yourself spending a lot more here.

Sportsbook Rating

Ease of Use: 8

Player Platform: 7

Lines: 7

Customer Service: 7

Total Rating: 7.25 out of 10

General Information about

  • Inception: 2010
  • Contact:
  • Live Chat: No
  • Telephone: +91 731-297-4574
  • Website:
  • Hosting Available: Yes
  • Sportsbook Integration: Yes
  • Casino game integration: Yes
  • CRM: yes
  • Payment Management Service: yes
  • Internal CSM System: Yes
  • Management Platform: Yes
  • Customer Support: Yes
  • Affiliate Management: No

Bookie Pay Per Head Service Sportsbook Pay Per Head

Opening an Account with

When you open a sportsbook, you just give out your details and create a username and password. It is similar here, as the details of your preferences, the product you want, as well as payment will come in later on.  Their website is impressive, if not intimidating. With so many technical terms, its a bit challenging for your everyday bookie to digest all the information as compared to how most pay per head bookie companies easily do. Sports Betting Software Review Sports Betting Software ReviewTo be perfectly candid, we feel like the whole service and process what too technical for what we needed. I mean, yes, it is customizable, but going over every single thing just adds more time and costs. You can configure your branding, your interface, and all that. And while this is a really good service, again, its expensive.

Everything, from bonuses, to payment channels and all that, you can also configure. You can easily work with their team to come up with a very specific product for you. You can add more features, use less, and so on. The personalization is amazing, and gives you the feeling that you are in control of your business. Their software is also highly rated, and is of good quality.

Next, let’s talk about the look and the usability of the site. Their site itself is really okay to use, but, again, everything is very technical. While they are being specific to what you need, it becomes hyperfocused on the details, and it takes up too much time to deal with it, when, in fact, other companies can do this in minutes.

Lastly, we are looking at the lines. After all, many people will not be betting on your sportsbook if your lines are not enticing. They offer white label sports betting, which you can personalize as well. Again, nothing different from pay per head providers. The main difference here, really, is that they offer you the ability to customize practically every single button in your site.

Do We Recommend offers good quality sports betting software. They are known in their field and they have the experience to back it up. But their rates make them inaccessible to those who want their services. Maybe for large sportsbook companies, they can consider this. Expanding to take in other services like casino gaming and the like will cost more, too. Unlike a pay per head service, where you get a full-service gambling site aside from your sports betting software for no additional fees. If you have a lot of money to burn, go ahead. But let us just say that you can get the same high quality, cutting edge technology and services basically for a tiny, tiny fraction of the cost of their fees. 

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