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NBA News, Headlines and Analysis

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NBA News, Headlines and Analysis

The Latest NBA Headlines

Timberwolves Won Against the Reigning Champs in Game 7

The Denver Nuggets, seemingly poised for a Game 7 win, were up against the underdog Timberwolves. At halftime, Jamal Murray had already racked up an impressive 24 points, and Nikola Jokic was on the...

The Celtics Advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals After Beating the Cavs

The Boston Celtics advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals for the third straight year after beating the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 5, 113-98. However, they will face a more formidable opponent...

76ers and Hawks Make it To NBA Eastern Conference Semis

Both the Philadelphia 76ers and Atlanta Hawks are advancing to the NBA Eastern Conference Semifinal games this coming Wednesday. This comes after they win over the Washington Wizards and the New...

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