Is Your Sportsbook Ready for the NBA Play-In Tournament?

Is Your Sportsbook Ready for the NBA Play-In Tournament?

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Last updated on May 9th, 2021 at 11:07 am

The latest sports betting news will probably be full of NBA News. After all, the postseason is near. And in less than a week, we will be seeing the 2021 NBA Play-In tournament. This is only the second year that the NBA will be implementing this. The first time this was done was last year, as a way to resolve the scheduling and ranking issues brought about by the pandemic. Given how exciting these games will be, is your sportsbook ready for the NBA In-Play Tournament?

Keep in mind that this small stretch of a tournament from May 18-21 will be determining the fates of teams and their future in the playoffs. Many in-game bets, as well as futures bets, are dependent on the results of this tournament, which is why many bettors are looking forward to these games.

Get Your Sportsbook Ready for the NBA Play-In Tournament

Is Your Sportsbook Ready for the NBA Play-In Tournament?The Play-in Tournament will only be 6 games. Here, teams that are seeded 7-10 in their respective conferences will be facing off to determine who gets into the playoffs. Many pay per head sportsbook bookies are looking forward to this, as there are a lot of wagers that can be made. In these 6 games, the teams will have a system where they will play elimination games to determine the final 7th and 8th seed in both the Eastern and Western Conferences. The teams that will lose will move on to the NBA Draft.

You can get your online sportsbook ready by sending out messages to your players. Inform them of the upcoming NBA tournament for the playoffs. If you want to, you can offer promos such as a free bet, get your bet back, or any other promo you would like to offer to get your players to wager on that weekend. Make sure that you are constantly checking the latest NBA news, and that you are also checking your lines. Adjust them as needed, and do them in a timely manner so you don’t lose out to sharps.


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