Liquid ECHO Wins MPL PH Season 13

Liquid ECHO Wins MPL PH Season 13

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Liquid ECHO rebounded from a heartbreaking run last season by winning the MPL PH Season 13. They won against Falcons AP Bren in the finals 4-1. Also, it is the second title for the team in three seasons. They last won the trophy in MPL PH Season 11 when they defeated Blacklist International.

According to eSports news reports, the Liquid ECHO team had an incredible run in the playoffs of Season 13 of the MPL PH, securing their spot in the title match. They breezed by RSG Philippines 3-0 in the second round of the playoffs and then defeated fellow grand finalist Falcons AP Bren in a nail-biting five-game match.

Once Falcons AP Bren eliminated RSG PH, they set up a rematch in the last stage, but the outcome was unchanged.

MPL PH Season 13 Winner

Liquid ECHO Wins MPL PH Season 13With Sanford “Sanford” Vinuya at the helm of his Paquito, the Orcas wasted no time crushing the M5 World Champions. According to sources, Liquid ECHO launched a base assault in the fourteenth minute after the EXP laner repeatedly pounded the Hive’s backline.

With Frederic “Bennyqt” Gonzales at the helm, ECHO continued their aggressive play in game two. Playing flawlessly on his trademark Roger, the gold laner displayed why he was crowned the M4 Finals MVP with a 6/0/5 KDA.

Even though the M5 World Champions were behind 3-0 in the third game, Liquid ECHO came back strong thanks to Alston “Sanji” Pabico’s Valentina masterclass. In the 18th minute, a major altercation reduced Sanji to one man, allowing the free base push to conclude the series.

Next Stop MSC 2024

Since they were victorious, Liquid ECHO has taken home most of the $150,000 prize money. At the forthcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mid-Season Cup 2024 (MSC 2024), they will represent the region alongside Falcons AP Bren in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in August.

One of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s most popular events will significantly tweak the esports roadmap for 2024.

According to experts in gambling solutions for operators, the main point of the announcement was the rebranding from the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup to the Mid-Season Cup. The event will now be held in a different location, have a larger prize fund, and expand to more areas.

Interestingly, the event has a history of going by the acronym “MSC,” which initially stood for the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup. Starting this year, it will now mean the Mid-Season Cup. This event ranks high among the year’s most popular esports tournaments, and not only in MLBB. Near the middle of 2023, the most recent MSC had over 40 million viewing hours and over 3.6 million peak viewers.

Despite the lack of information on the changes, the organizers did reveal that the tournament would be held outside of Southeast Asia for the first time in 2024 under its new name. MOONTON, the league’s creator, said that this will be the first time the cup is hosted outside of Southeast Asia, that more areas will compete, including China, and that there will be a more significant prize fund.

Considering MOONTON’s recent focus on the MENA area, the revamped MSC may be held there this year; however, no official announcement has been disclosed.

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