Tennessee Bookie Industry Sees Increase in Sports Betting Revenue

Tennessee Bookie Industry Sees Increase in Sports Betting Revenue

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The Tennessee bookie industry sees an increase in sports betting revenue for the month of June. This is a welcome increase that finally breaks a three-month streak of decreasing handle for the state. Tennessee joins other US states as well as the majority of bookie pay per head operators in reporting increasing numbers for the month. Let us take a look at the numbers for the all-online sports betting market of Tennessee.

For those wanting to become a bookie, Tennessee is a good state to monitor in terms of activity, as all sports betting transactions in the states are through online sportsbooks. For June, the total sports betting handle of the state is at $174.5 million. May’s handle is at $160.9 million, which gives us an 8% month-on-month increase in betting handle. The gross payouts for June is $156.2 million, while the adjusted gross income is at $16.1 million.

Tennessee Bookie Industry Recovers 

Tennessee Bookie Industry Sees Increase in Sports Betting RevenueWhat do all these numbers mean for Tennessee? Basically, you have more wagers coming in through the licensed sportsbooks in the state. It could be an increase in the number of bettors, or the increase on frequency of their betting. June has 4 whole weeks, which is good as there are complete weekends, which are usually a busy time for sportsbooks. There could also be more sports events for people to bet on. For instance, the NBA finals was in July, which could explain the increase of wagering in general. Other local events could also be a reason for the increase in betting. Normally, if a state’s team has more games scheduled in a month, there could be an even higher increase.

Currently, the state has several online sportsbooks, but the number could rise to as much as a dozen. You can get information for online gambling operators to find out what you need to have your very own gambling and sportsbook business. Nowadays, it is not as hard or as expensive as you would think it would be.

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