Figure Skater Lee Hae-in Pursuing Her Olympic Dreams

Figure Skater Lee Hae-in Pursuing Her Olympic Dreams

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Figure skater Lee Hae-in won the silver medal in the World Figure Skating Championships. However, her ultimate dream is to compete at the Winter Olympics. She won the silver medal with a score of 220.94 points. Also, it was Korea’s first figure skating medal since legend skater Kim Yuna’s gold medal in 2013.

According to betting odds experts, Lee is more confident with herself. She performed flawlessly in the free skate after she finished second in the short programs. Also, her performance in the short program allowed her to perform better in the free skate.

Lee said her free time between the short program and free skate improved her performance in the latter. She spent that free time with her skating colleague Kim Cha-yeon and coach Kim Jin-seo.

Figure Skater Lee Hae-in and Her Olympic Dreams

Figure Skater Lee Hae-in Pursuing Her Olympic DreamsLee began training as a figure skater in the first grade and quickly rose to prominence. Her parents’ unwavering encouragement of her sports pursuits was crucial to her success.

After mastering the five triple jumps in fifth grade, she suddenly became a hot prospect. She won the 2019 International Skating Union Junior Grand Prix because of her skill; the following year, she placed sixth in the World Junior Figure Skating Championships.

According to sportsbook marketing experts, Lee struggled to skate with the same grace and elegance after puberty.

At that moment, she began to question her decision to pursue figure skating as a career. After going through all that, she informed her mother she did not want to figure skate any longer; nonetheless, she still went to the ice rink. She got through that difficult moment through painting.

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