Sportsbook Industry Waiting for Olympics Decision

Sportsbook Industry Waiting for Olympics Decision

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Last updated on May 16th, 2021 at 06:23 am

The Olympics is one of the most sought-after sporting events around the world. Here, the best of the best from various sports represent their country to win the prestigious medals that proves their excellence in the field. For many bookies, the Olympics is a great way to earn money. And given the uncertainties surrounding the pandemic, the sportsbook industry is waiting with bated breath if the Olympics will still be pushing through 10 weeks from now.

Many sportsbook marketing efforts have been made to promote Olympics betting, as the world’s best players from basketball, soccer, tennis, swimming, and more, will be playing in unique circumstances. The unpredictability of the lineups in the Olympics make it a gambler’s favorite.

Sportsbook Industry and the Olympics

Sportsbook Industry Waiting for Olympics DecisionOf course, the Olympics in Tokyo should already have happened last year. But due to the pandemic, the date has continuously been adjusted. Your online bookie software will of course automatically adjust for these changes, but things are quite different now, with an online petition of more than 350,000 signatures asking for the events to be cancelled. Not only that, but a lot of sports stars from around the world are also voicing out their hesitance on going to Tokyo to compete.

Of course, the Olympics staff have a streamlined plan of daily testing, social distancing, and other protocols to ensure the safety of the people. But given that the cases in Japan are rapidly increasing, the country has very little time to resolve this. And, much like bookie pay per head operators, even people from other industries are wondering if they will push through. Claiming that lives are more important than money, some in the business sector are hoping that things will not push through. Maybe, at this point, your sportsbook should probably be taking in bets on whether it will push through or not. Because chances are, it might be the only action you will get on Olympics betting in the near future.


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