Rams is the Away Team at Home in Super Bowl 2022

Rams is the Away Team at Home in Super Bowl 2022

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Despite being the second team to play a Super Bowl at home, the Rams is the away team this year. The NFC and AFC are alternating between the home and away team for every Super Bowl.

According to Korean sports betting sources, the NFC is the home team for odd-numbered Super Bowls. On the other hand, the AFC will be the home team for even-numbered ones. As a result, the Cincinnati Bengals are the SoFi Stadium’s home team.

Generally, the Bengals would use the home locker room to be the home team. However, the Rams will retain their locker room for the Super Bowl. According to online gambling reviews, the Bengals will utilize the Chargers’ locker room. The Rams and Chargers share the stadium as their home.

Rams is the Away Team in Super Bowl

Rams is the Away Team at Home in Super Bowl 2022As the home squad, Cincinnati can select their uniform for the Super Bowl. While the Bengals’ typical home jersey incorporates a dark top, Cincinnati can wear the white uniform they wore during away wins against Tennessee and Kansas City. Pittsburgh settled on their white uniform for Super Bowl 15 after winning their past three away playoff games.

The Rams will call the coin throw as the opposing group to begin Super Bowl LVI. This way, Los Angeles can break the trend that connects the coin toss to the Super Bowl winner. However, the sports betting odds are not in their favor. The last seven squads that won the coin toss failed to win. The last team to win the coin toss and Super Bowl is the 2013 Seahawks.

The Rams will be the away group for the fourth time in their five outings to the Super Bowls. Super Bowl was the first Super Bowl where the Rams were assigned as the home team. On the other hand, the Bengals will be the home team for the second time in three Super Bowl appearances. Cincinnati lost Super Bowl XVI wearing their dark jersey. Also, they missed the mark in Super Bowl 23 wearing the white uniform.

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