Villanova Will See Players Returning

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Last updated on April 17th, 2021 at 10:32 am

In the latest college basketball news here in, Villanova got some extraordinary news for its 2021-22 list on Monday when seniors Collin Gillespie and Jermaine Samuels reported they will return for another season. Albeit driving scorer Jeremiah Robinson-Earl has announced for the NBA Draft and endorsed with a specialist, the profits of Gillespie and Samuels guarantee the Wildcats will have a tip top center of veterans.

Gillespie missed the last five rounds of the 2020-21 season with a torn tendon in his left knee, and the Wildcats battled without him prior to conjuring several NCAA Tournament triumphs and bowing out with a misfortune to No. 1 seed Baylor in the Sweet 16.

“Since my physical issue and throughout the most recent couple of months supporting my partners from the sidelines, I have had a lot of time to consider my future,” Gillespie composed. “I have gotten important criticism and have had numerous discussions with my family and he training staff permitting me to settle on a sure choice in regards to this impending season.

“So, I will exploit this additional year and return to Villanova.”Samuels, a 6-foot-7 forward, found the middle value of a profession best 12 focuses per game and improved as a 3-point shooter during his senior season. Both Gillespie and Samuels were contributing green beans in the program’s public title group in 2018. With individual starters Justin Moore and Caleb Daniels expected back too, the Wildcats will be among the gathering of early top picks to win the title in 2022.