Diamond Baseball Holdings Buying Minor League Baseball Teams at a Fast Rate

Diamond Baseball Holdings Buying Minor League Baseball Teams at a Fast Rate

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Last updated on April 18th, 2024 at 10:37 am

Minor league baseball is a thriving industry, with rising attendance, new ballparks, and franchises commanding record prices. Despite this, Diamond Baseball Holdings stands out with its unique strategy. According to bookie PPH experts, the company has swiftly acquired over a quarter of all minor league teams, currently holding 32 out of 120 affiliates. And they show no signs of slowing down.

Just five years ago, the DBH portfolio couldn’t have developed to its current size and pace of growth. As a result of MLB’s 2020 acquisition of the minor leagues, affiliated baseball was removed from over 40 towns, and management of the minor leagues was transferred to MLB headquarters. Commissioner Rob Manfred’s “One Baseball” program aims to unify the game from the Little League World Series to Yankee Stadium and beyond under the control of the owners of the major league teams.

DBH’s establishment was a collaborative effort led by Peter Freund, a seasoned owner of minor league teams and former collegiate sports licensing executive Battle. With the financial backing of private equity investment company Silver Lake, they set out to create a major player in the minor league baseball industry.

Diamond Baseball Holdings Buying Minor League Teams

Diamond Baseball Holdings Buying Minor League Baseball Teams at a Fast RateDBH collaborates with MLB to negotiate national sponsorships and branding for all 120 minor league teams. It also helps with consumer product licensing. Also, it is the best time to open a sportsbook.

Due to the strong relationships between Freund and Battle and Manfred, Major League Baseball and several minor league owners chose not to comment on DBH. The few owners willing to discuss DBH mentioned that the company has paid a fair price for clubs and appears to manage them well.

They also mentioned that DBH invested in communities and kept local employees. Can minor league baseball, known for its hyper-local, mom-and-pop approach, succeed in a corporate framework? Will its outsized impact continue to plague an already dynamic industry?

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