Mississippi Sports Betting Handle for September Soars

Mississippi Sports Betting Handle for September Soars

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The Mississippi sports betting handle follows the trend across many sports betting markets in the country. With September bringing in football season, its unsurprising to see all these betting markets enjoying a huge boost in sports betting activity. Many a PPH bookie will be seeing better numbers in the next few months, and all throughout winter.

According to the latest sports betting news, a dramatic increase in sports betting handle in Mississippi is as high as 155.5%. From August’s $21.4 million handle, Mississippi’s September sports betting handle is at $54,835,753. This is 5% higher than September 2020’s $52.2 million. These numbers are reflective of the start of the NFL season back in September 9, as well as the first full month of college football.

Mississippi Sports Betting Numbers- Better Revenue

Mississippi Sports Betting Handle for September SoarsThe total sports betting revenue for Mississippi for September is at $8.846 million. This is 368.9% higher than August’s $1.886 million. Meanwhile, it is 34.1% higher than the $6.6 million revenue of the state last September 2020. The numbers are surprisingly high given that the state does not truly offer a full online sports betting experience. Online sports betting is allowed in the state, but only in limited locations.

Many in the local sports betting industry are advocating for a wider range of the use of sports betting software. Currently, Mississippi resident may use online sportsbooks for betting. But, they still need to be inside a licensed retail casino to be able to place a wager. Of course, expect to get a lot of news on sports betting markets enjoying higher handles and revenues. Aside from college football and the NFL, October brings in the NBA and the NHL. Not only will we see more people placing bets, but we may even see people placing more bets than usual. Especially if they have access to more sports betting options.


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