247PPH Pay Per Head Review

247PPH Pay Per Head Review

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There’s nothing unique about 247PPH.com. Truth be told, it is directly in the center of the pack. Likewise, it is essential for the RDG Corp Group. That implies it has the help of an enormous company. In any case, there are a few things we discovered during the time spent making this 247PPH compensation per head audit.

Most importantly, 247PPH.com professes to give pay per head administrations since 2005. Be that as it may, they enrolled their site in 2011. It made us think with regards to what other stuff they lied about. On a positive note, there’s not a great deal of grumblings about their items and administrations. Perhaps they are a decent bookie PPH supplier all things considered.

247PPH Pay Per Head Review: Registration

247PPH Pay Per Head ReviewPursuing 247PPH.com is direct. It begins with rounding out the online structure. In any case, it took over an hour prior to we got our login data by means of email. Their essential arrangement costs $10 per dynamic player seven days. You can add different administrations to the arrangement however you’ll pay extra for them. For example, admittance to telephone betting will add $5 to the essential arrangement.

Launching the Sportsbook

One thing 247PPH.com ought to improve is the UI of their compensation per head programming. The UI isn’t engaging. Notwithstanding, they compensated for it with easy to understand route. Overseeing players don’t require a ton of exertion.

247PPH gives an instructional exercise to its dashboard. In any case, the popup window disrupts the general flow. Also, we struggled eliminating it. I surmise they need to do an instructional exercise on the best way to utilize their instructional exercise.


  • Supported by a set up PPH organization
  • Simple to utilize programming
  • Wide scope of sports and bets
  • Easy to understand player the executives


  • Excessively costly
  • Additional charge for telephone wagering
  • No live talk
  • No live club
  • No online poker


247PPH.com looks is a solid sportsbook. Notwithstanding, there are numerous parts of their activities that they need to improve. With a dull essential bundle, $10 per dynamic player is excessively costly. You can discover best bookie pay per head by perusing our compensation per head surveys. It is far from being the best sportsbook pay per head provider.