Can I Own Both an Online Sportsbook and Casino?

Can I Own Both an Online Sportsbook and Casino?

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Getting into online gambling is very profitable, especially if you are good at it. Some people tend to specialize, like betting only on sports, or maybe even be very specific as to bet only on the NBA. Some may think they have better luck in slots, while some say that they are good in poker. The same goes for owning a gambling business. But if you want to expand your gambling business, can you own both an online sportsbook and casino?

Well, there is no one stopping you from doing so. As long as you have the money to put up a sportsbook and a casino, then why not? As long as you can manage both businesses, then it should not be a problem for you. Especially if you can afford it. Of course, a sportsbook pay per head can shoot two birds in one stone, because not only can it help you own both your casino and sportsbook, but you also do not need to spend twice to get it.

Online Sportsbook and Casino

Can I Own Both an Online Sportsbook and Casino?When you hear about a pay per head service, your first through will be its for sportsbook software. You are not wrong, as a pay per head service does provide a bookie with specialized software to manage an online sportsbook. But these pay per head providers also offer other gambling products that you can use as well. The problem will be in the integration of these products.

You see, other companies will offer you the added services of an online casino, for a price. But some really good ones actually already include the casino service aside from the sports betting software. They even offer more, like horse racing software. This is already included in the price, so you will not be paying double, or adding a fee to the pay per head fees that you are already paying for.

Even more, the software is already integrated, so there is no need to log in to another site for both you or your players. In fact, your players will not need to pay separately as well, since their deposit in their casino will work in their sportsbook, and vice versa. So, can you own both a casino and a sportsbook? Yes. Can you do this easily? Yes, with a pay per head service.


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