Where to Find the Best Bookie Software

Where to Find the Best Bookie Software

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Finding the best bookie software can take you days. Just do a search for the term bookie software, and you will get hundreds of options available. Each of these bookie software providers will tell you that they are the best in the business. But how can you say that you will really be choosing the best pay per head bookie software? Here are a few tips to find the best bookie software.

There are two main considerations here. The first is the cost. It will be pointless looking at providers if they will be out of your price range. In the case of pay per head providers, the prices can range from $1 to $9 like 9DollarPerHead.com, or even more. The price is per player, per week, so make sure you get your cash flow estimate right. In addition, price is not always the consideration. Companies can offer you a buck a person but give you a fraction of what you can get with a $9 per player provider.

Find the Best Bookie Software

Where to Find the Best Bookie SoftwareThe second consideration will be reliability. You need to have a bookie software provider that has good reviews, a good reputation, and whose software does not have down time. There are reviews that you can read online. You can also check forums where people in the business talk about this. You can also check a sportsbook pay per head directory to see which ones are highly rated and recommended.

Word of mouth is one of the best ways that you can get honest feedback about a pay per head provider. So take the time to review the software you see. Then check online for reviews, ask a few people online their experience, or look for bad reviews. Check the comments on the range of products, like offering a wide variety like horse racing options and the like.

One advantage that you have, though, is that you can try out the software of the providers you will narrow down. Some of the best will offer free trials. You can use their software for a couple of weeks and then see for yourself if they are worth using in the long-term. Just verify with their agents before signing up or check the fine print. There are some providers who claim to offer free weeks, but you may only avail those after you pay a deposit. While other providers offer real free trials, without deposits.


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