World Baseball Classic 2023 Schedule

World Baseball Classic 2023 Schedule

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The World Baseball Classic 2023 is here, and it all leads to Miami as twenty teams will compete for the highest baseball title in the international baseball circuit. The current titleholder is the United States, who won the title back in 2017 when they beat Puerto Rico. Those who want to open a sportsbook should keep track of the World Baseball Classic 2023 schedule.

This year, the WBC will be having its largest tournament with 20 teams, as previous iterations of the tournament only feature 16 teams. This gives bookies more opportunity to earn from the tournament by offering more games in their Price Per Head Sportsbook. Currently, teams like the US, Japan, and the Dominican Republic are the favorites to win this year.

Japan is the only team to win the title twice, so they are very popular in the WBC. The Dominican Republic, however, has a pretty strong roster this year, which is why a lot of baseball bettors are keeping an eye on the team.


World Baseball Classic 2023 Schedule

World Baseball Classic 2023 ScheduleWe are just over the Pool Play, which was from March 7-15. And after the excitement, we now have the quarterfinals spanning over March 15-18. The Semifinals will be from March 19-20. Then, the most anticipated Championship game will be on March 21.

Many expect to have a busy week with betting on the WBC, so make sure that you are using your sports betting solution to maximize your earning potential. The quarterfinals had us see Cuba beat Australia and Japan beat Italy. Then tomorrow, Puerto Rico will be facing Mexico, and on the 18th, the USA will face Venezuela.

The Semifinals on March 19 will have Cuba face Japan, while the game on March 20 will feature whoever wins the two quarterfinals. The Championship game on the 21st will be in Miami, at 7:00 PM, for whoever wins the semifinals.


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