JJ Watt Will to Return If the Texans Ask Him To

JJ Watt Will Return If the Texans Ask Him To

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JJ Watt retired from the National Football League in 2022, a decision he made with deep respect for his career. However, the former defensive end is considering returning if the Houston Texans need his services. He expressed gratitude for the chance to walk away healthy after a successful professional football career.

It’s important to note that Watt’s potential return is limited to the next season. Since his retirement, he has joined the CBS Sports broadcast crew. However, as reported by NFL news, he remains physically prepared and eager to step back onto the field if the Texans call upon him.

In October 2023, at NRG Stadium, the Houston Texans honored Watt for his ten years of service by inducting him into the Ring of Honor. His one-year-old son Koa attended the event with him.

JJ Watt is Open to Returning to Active Duty

In an interview with PEOPLE published in January, Watt discussed the ups and downs of retiring from football in response to a question about if he had any words of wisdom for Jason Kelce, a star for the Philadelphia Eagles who announced his retirement from the NFL on March 4.

Watt and his wife, Kealia Ohai Watt, are 32 years old. In addition to Watt’s job as a CBS Sports commentator, they are spending their retirement raising their daughter, Koa. Family life is a priority for them. Thus, Kealia shared with PEOPLE in February 2023, “I know he wanted to be with Koa,” in response to a question on her husband’s retirement plans.

Watt and Austin Rivers about NBA Players Playing in the NFL

JJ Watt Will to Return If the Texans Ask Him ToWatt addressed Austin Rivers’ claim that thirty NBA players could play in the NFL. According to Rivers, you can’t find thirty NFL players who can qualify to play in the NBA. Watt said Rivers is unemployed in both leagues. He encouraged Rivers to give professional football a go.

While Watt had a 12-year NFL career, Rivers chose to answer, pointing out that his 11-year NBA career was nearly as lengthy. Additionally, he made it clear that he was only pointing out “how athletically gifted SOME NBA players are.” He had no intention of being derogatory toward football players.

Then, an absurd event occurred: Watt issued an apology. The three-time NFL DPOY acknowledged in his response to Rivers’ tweet that he was unaware of the context of the entire conversation and only responded to the headline, which he disliked. Although “taken out of context” is frequently used to justify retractions, it seems that this is really what happened to Rivers in this case.

While discussing Pat Riley’s remarks about Jimmy Butler, McAfee started by slamming basketball players for being too soft. After that, Rivers and the other athletes passionately defended the integrity of their sports. It showed the power of individual matchups in NFL betting.

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